A Good Day To Try Hard

by Villainest

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A GOOD DAY TO TRY HARD is Villainest's second EP & our self-produced, zero-budget follow-up to the totally-not-ignored-and-entirely-amazing FIGHT ON A THEME/MIXTAPE.

A GOOD DAY TO TRY HARD mixes a MIDI-modded SEGA Mega Drive with a Roland Ax-Synth, guitars, drums and vocals to provide the party soundtrack of your twisted dreams.

A GOOD DAY TO TRY HARD is what Chinese Democracy would have become had Axl Rose lost all his money in 1993 before spending 22 years and $40 CAD playing Sonic 3 and overproducing an EP.

You can buy A GOOD DAY TO TRY HARD online and on limited ultra-modern DIY CASSETTE TAPE. Each physical cassette contains the online tracks plus SECRET BONUS TRACKS, unique to that copy, culled with tremendous skill from Villainest's illustrious catalogue of kick-ass demos, covers and previous releases.

A GOOD DAY TO TRY HARD is, of course, named in part after Die Hard 5, the universal critical acclaim for which we would like to replicate with our music.


released January 15, 2016

Produced by James Harding
Drums engineered & recorded by Jari Salminen
Mastered by Sean Hingston
Artwork by Kai Salminen

James Harding - guitars, vocals, programming, synthesizers
Gill Story - keytar, vocals
Robin Snip - vocals
Jari Salminen - drums, electronic percussion
Kai Salminen - live bass

Tracks 1 and 3: words and music by James Harding
Track 2: words by Gillian Story and Robin Snip, music by Gillian Story
Track 4: words by Robin Snip, music by James Harding, Gillian Story and Jari Salminen

16-bit versions (tracks 5 - 8) programmed and produced by James Harding.

- little-scale GenMDM-modded SEGA Mega Drive (PAL)
- FMDrive & SPSG by Aly James Labs
- Roland Ax-Synth
- Korg Monotron
- mGB running on a Game Boy Color

Lyrics for "The Machine" are based on the "Machine of Death" series of sci-fi short stories compiled and edited by Ryan North, David Malki and Matthew Bennardo.




Villainest Toronto, Ontario

Sega Mega Drive-based electro-rock for your future good times.

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Track Name: A Good Day To Try Hard
I'm so tired
But I'm inspired by the change that I've seen lately
Bands sold out and my friends left town
Along with half of what I thought I believed
But the sky's still blue and the world so new to me
So why should I not take it?
I've tried like hell to hide my skeletons
But why should I?
Now... it's time.
There's nothing I can do about it.

Well I contest that you're nothing special just 'cause you moved to Toronto
It's only fear that brought you here, thanks to everything you failed to achieve
You're far too old to be getting over it -
And why'd you even want to?
How much fun was the bad you've done?
So take the world off-guard
The best day to try hard
'cause I don't wanna talk about it.
Track Name: Betty & Veronica
He was the one I loved since I was a kid
(Well I loved him too)
Well girl, I know that you did

Red hair and freckles were my
Achilles heel
When I couldn't beg or borrow
I had to steal him from you
But now I know much better

I had a good thing going on for so long
I don't know how it went so totally wrong
I was the Pop Shoppe casanova
Now I'm just a ginger fool
Guess I shouldn't have dated every girl in the school
Once loved me, but now they all know better

I don't want him
You can have him
I don't want him
Let's kiss, make up be friends now.

I see something shiny and I want it, so go get it for me...
Track Name: The Machine
How can you bring so much death?
You're just a machine
A covered-by-the-NHS
Destructor of dreams
Every cell I use as I draw breath
Points towards a disease
I know exactly how I lose myself
Just not what it means

Oh, cruel fate how you do mock me
But If I ever wanna swim with sharks
Nobody can stop me

Predetermination's not the downer you'd assume it would be
This diagnosis is a weapon and I use it to live comfortably
A curse to bring me great success
With what's important to me
Can't see the spectre of eternal rest
But now I know where it sleeps

Oh, cruel fate how you do mock me
But If I ever wanna swim with sharks
Nobody can stop me

There's no way this can end well
But trust me baby, I'm a professional
To love the way you dance with death
Is to live in the best hell
Track Name: Peach
I got what I need
I don't need a glowing star to increase my speed.
I got what I need
I don't need to level up to make me feel free.
Track Name: A Good Day To Try Hard (16-bit version)
beep boop
Track Name: Betty & Veronica (16-bit version)
beep boop
Track Name: The Machine (16-bit version)
beep boop
Track Name: Peach (16-bit version)
beep boop

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