Welcome To Paranoid Island

by Villainest

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Welcome To Paranoid Island is the debut single from VILLAINEST.

It was recorded on a budget of zero dollars in our rehearsal space and, as considerate purveyors of SEGA-based rock and roll, we pass these savings on to you!


released February 11, 2014

James Harding - guitar, vocals, programming
Gill Story - synthesizers
Robin Snip - vocals
Jari Salminen - drums and rad 80s drum pads
Aris Lagzdins - bass

Recorded by James Harding and Jari Salminen
Music by James Harding and Gill Story
Words by James Harding
Mixed/mastered in a basement by James Harding.
FB-01 cover photo by James Harding




Villainest Toronto, Ontario

Sega Mega Drive-based electro-rock for your future good times.

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Track Name: Welcome To Paranoid Island
A stranger's just a friend who hasn't stabbed you in the back just yet,
But don't you worry, they will
I can't believe that you haven't seen this coming
I guess it's all been part of the thrill

If you've got the money
I've got the respect
A quarter-life of apathy and oh, the self-neglect
Everyone has anger, I just found a vent
Everyone does damage, I just do mine with intent

I hope you don't feel paranoid
I want you to feel safe
Just stand upon that "x" right there
And we both can escape
I swear I only rent this island
These traps were ready-made
The only double-crossing here
Is in this blanket that I made

Love has got no borders, nationalities or genders
So there's nothing there to stop a connection
If you spent your whole life waiting for a hero
I guarantee that you never met them.

I'm getting older as I write this,
You're getting older as you listen
You never liked me fantasies,
You're never gonna like this one.
You'll never be somebody
If this is how you deal with friction
Love is such a stupid game, I only deal in fiction.

I hope you don't feel paranoid
I want you to feel safe
Because when I betray you
I need to see your face
Tell me that you never had that feeling
Like you should be afraid
My face is even carved into the mountain
On this island that I made.

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